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Wendy Irwin is a second generation entrepreneur with a keen insight into the everyday aspects of business ownership. She began her creative business, Ballistic Sweater Girl Designs, in 2004, with much success, press and awards.


In 2013, she expanded her business to include graphic design, fabric design and textile art. In that effort to grow her small business, she realized that there is not a lot of options out there for the sole proprietor.  She needed information on marketing, media campaigns and overall strategies. So much out there is geared to large companies and seemingly bottomless pockets. Working on a small budget seemed impossible. That's when she discovered  her passion lie in collaborating with the small business owner and entrepreneur.


 To best serve her clients throughout the process, she incorporates her professional coach training and visual knowledge to give her clients a potent holistic experience. Wendy has the tools, networking and techniques to help you realize your success.

"I really want what matters to you happen for you. No matter your age."

As a mother of 2 teenagers, Wendy began to see an opportunity for coaching in her own home with her children.  She began applying some of the coaching techniques learned during her certification process and soon found out the amazing differences in her children and family dynamic.


Through a joint-venture with a fellow coach called Intentional Edge, they created the Pathfinder Series Workshop that focuses on: helping families learn how to interact more effectively; helping parents and kids discover their strengths and values; creating a better vision for the families and greater respect for one another; and by doing so, guiding the teenagers and parents to explore more openly future possibilities in school, college, career and life.


Youth Life Coaching is a relatively new concept. In the past, most parents and children have relied on school guidance counselors, local clubs or churches to provide a lion's share of this interaction, but our lives are much busier now. Youth coaching has the advantage in that the individual is trained and licensed to tend specifically to needs expressed by the client at a time that is convenient for them.


Wendy has received her CPC through iPEC, ACC and ELI-MP and is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

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