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Youth Coaching

  While it is a wonderful and exciting time, a lot of young people experience a great deal of difficulty during adolescence and young adulthood.


  Changes, both physical and emotional, coupled with greater expectations from family, school, employers and peers can cause stress and changes in mood and behavior. When going through these changes, teenagers tend to repress their emotions and withdraw. Since communication is at a low point, it is important they feel they have a support system.


  While some teenagers are more likely to talk about their feelings and issues with their parents, there are many who do not feel comfortable with expressing their fears and worries with family for fear of judgment, embarrassment or even punishment. Some even tend to act out adding to frustration and stress for themselves and others around them.


  That is when it helps to have an impartial source of support who can listen and understanding the challenges they face.



Why hire a youth coach?

 Below are just a few common topics covered:


  • teaching good leadership skills in both their own life, school, socially, and in their family
  • helping troubled teenagers to get back on track
  • improving family dynamic
  • encouraging better work ethic
  • showing a young person the benefits of taking ownership and responsibility for their choices or mistakes, but especially their successes
  • providing a place for young people to deal with difficult or embarrassing issues
  • transitioning to college or post-graduate/early-career
  • offering a non-judgmental space to discuss difficult subjects, such as bullying, relationships, sex or social issues

...and even more great reasons!


  • building confidence
  • stress management
  • discovering, setting and attaining goals
  • helping find a balanced and healthy lifestyle
  • discussing difficult issues with a supportive objective third party
  • providing a safe space to vent freely and confidentially
  • finding a future or career path that fits their strengths and gets them excited to get up in the morning.
  • aiding child and family with the "big decisions"

Important Transitions

There are a few common transition stages when a youth coach can be most helpful.


  • middle school to high school
  • college/career decision time
  • dating and romantic relationships
  • re-location
  • divorce
  • changes in school performance
  • health changes


  • social changes
  • sexual identity
  • joining the workforce
  • joining the military
  • driving, driving attitudes and responsibilities
  • changes in family dynamic

For the Parents...

  Youth coaching is "family" coaching.  As your child is getting the support they need, I will inform the parents of possible methods to aid them in their family dynamic and help make your communication with your child easier and more fulfilling with some simple and proven tips and exercises.


Unlike therapy, coaching is only done with your child's approval.  A willing participant is the best student!


For more details regarding methods, activities and confidentiality, please contact me.

Please visit our youth program site Intentional Edge for more amazing ways to create dynamic relationships with your kids!


For more information regarding ethics and confidentiality that I abide by, please visit the

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